It’s Been So Long Since I’ve Seen Something Incredible

It's Been So Long Since I've Seen Something Incredible

Ever since I can remember, I have always been fascinated with abandoned places, as if I am somehow drawn to them by a higher, unseen power.  It all began when I was very young, and a friend of mine at the time and I decided to sneak into an abandoned barn down the street from his parents house, and what was inside was a virtual time capsule, a well-organized horde of sorts filled with priceless relics from a much earlier time.

Since then, I have been flat-out obsessed with abandonment; its unique history, as well as the exploration and subsequent documentation of these locations.  As of yet, I have explored and photographed numerous locations including an abandoned railroad center, three abandoned gas stations, a handful of hotel resorts, hospitals, and several abandoned residential and industrial locations.

Some of these places were very easy to access, while others required varying amounts of pre-planning and research.  I always explored alone, taking my chances of getting hurt, or injured, or (although highly unlikely given the preparation), caught trespassing.  The only person who knew where I was going and when I planned to return was Angie, although a handful of these places were too risky to involve anyone else in the knowledge of the plan besides myself, for fear of possible litigation over knowledge of my actions.

These places, although lost to the ravages of time, neglect, and vandalism, taught me a lot about life, myself, and especially, our ever fleeting amount of time on earth.  It seemed that every time I crossed the threshold into one of these forgotten places, that my life was put on pause, and all of the worries and problems within my own life were left at the door.  I allowed the past to tell its own story in ways that no written account or photograph could.  I left only footprints as I walked across dusty or dirty floors, and left with only photographs.

Each location had its own unique story to tell.  I witnessed everything that one could ever possibly imagine.  Like an exploration into the unknown, I found creepy dolls abandoned by children, writing on walls, old handwritten letters, and even forgotten personal belongings and creepy artwork.

And yet, after all of the amazing places I have visited, documented, and photographed, I haven’t gone exploring since April of 2014.  It’s been so long since I’ve seen something incredible, and I miss it dearly.

The font used in the header image is called Libre Baskerville.  The image is based on a photograph taken at the abandoned Hotel Adler Spa in Sharon Springs, New York.

Other photographs taken at the same location as the header image include Master Suite, Read The Writing On The Wall, and The Exploration Of The Hotel Adler Spa.  Also be sure to see The Abandoned Hotel Adler In Sharon Springs, New York (Video).
Locations mentioned or referenced in this article, include, but are not limited to Abandoned Gas Station, Gas Station, Locomotive Graveyard, Forgotten Freight Train, Imperial Baths, The Hotel Adler Spa, and so many more.


  • brainedet

    I now know your fascination about abandoned places and why you have more of abandoned places photos. Well, I like to just know the history behind them and that’s it.

  • Oyeyipo Oladele

    I can see you wanna really venture back into your writing career. Its something good, please keep it up. But why do you exploring alone Tom?.

  • Adesoji OGUNBADE

    I have always been wondering why you loved abandoned buildings so much, now I have my answers. Taking all your chances of getting hurt, or injured, just to give us the best. Thanks you

  • esgyll

    There is something about lonely places that really do make people want to explore them. Just the feeling of going to some place where people have ceased living in or worked in decades ago makes the entire journey quite magical and mysterious in a sense. Like the explorers of old, discovering these abandoned places offer the same thrill just as it had been long before.

  • Janine Marie Bocateja

    I felt a sudden sadness upon seeing the picture. So many memories left here and to be cherished. Nice shot.

  • Kurt

    The lighting is a big reason why this looks like so majestic. Take away the lights and this can be creepy. Good choice to add color into this and not just a gray background. It added personality to the photo.

  • Fernando

    I’m fascinated about the pictures that you take, the topic is very unique and you always get captures from great angles, it makes to fly my imagination.

  • Danielle M

    You show the reality fro a different angle trought your pictures. I like very much your work, I hope you can keep doing it for long time.

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