Half Of The Time We're Gone But We Don't Know Where

14 thoughts on “Half Of The Time We’re Gone But We Don’t Know Where

  1. The caption says alot and it can even be applicable to humans. You did took a good photo there.

  2. Its true. We spend so much of our time just moving around, and sometimes we can’t even account for that time well.

  3. What this equipment is for I’m yet to find out. But it looks like a very technical and useful one.

  4. Those trees on the background gives the picture a beautiful feel. They contrast with the white snow.

  5. Looks like it’s abandoned, maybe there’s a lunch break for the construction workers, or the heavy equipment is just out there abandoned because it’s already broken down. Interesting shot as always.

  6. True..their are times we just lazy around and we can’t account for how we spend the time..nice shot

  7. There are times where we cant find our road or we feel stucked. I’m glad that it’s a temporal condition.

  8. This seem an abandoned machine. But the caption is heavy with a good message. This Isa sharp photo.

  9. I love the title. It is something we can ponder on. The picture is so calm, colors are great

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