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I See The Birds In The Rain

I See The Birds In The Rain

April 2020

15 responses to “I See The Birds In The Rain”

  1. No rain no birds either? I guess you are speaking figuratively??? I Do not know what am I suppose to see here but hey it is a great sunny day. I will give it that.

  2. This tree has on its trunk a beautiful figure of a woman on the walkway, which stands out in this sunny landscape.

  3. Im not sure i get the title. I cant see the bird and its a pretty good light from the sun so i guess its not raining? regardless, its a nice shot. nice exposure of the tree.

  4. Is it my eyes or what? I can’t seem to see any bird dancing in the rain here Lol. This is a nice shot the sky will always be beautiful.

  5. Good picture display. I see future in this photograph. It sounds weird for bord to be in the rain. That’s dead for the bird.

  6. During this summer season here in our country, we are patiently praying for a rain. It is very hot.

  7. The bord is surely the perfect ray of light from the sky. So colourful and sweet. Thanks for giving out this

  8. I just hope that this pandemic will end very soon. Let’s all continue to stay at home for the meantime. Can’t wait to have a walk under this beautiful clear blue sky.

  9. I wish I could be the birds now, the heat here is out of the world really hot in here. I will love to be in the rain too

  10. You caught me Thomas, I was actually looking for the bird, I even turned my phone to check well. Lovely output, so clear and colourful

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