I Used To See The World Through A 50 mm Lens

When I was a little girl, I dreamed of living a minimalist lifestyle. Today, my wife and I decorate our home using a mixture of classical art, pop culture icons, and personal relics from my life. My first camera had a 50 mm lens, and even today, I regard my writing notebooks and my camera equipment as my most prized possessions.


  • mydangblog

    I’m happy that you quitting social media didn’t include blogging. Love these pictures–I’m trying to declutter as well, and finding it hard to give up all the things I love!

    • Thomas Slatin

      My wife and I are total minimalists. We have a big house, on 10 acres of land, yet as far as possessions are concerned, we have what we need. Our house looks empty to most, but that is how we prefer to live.

  • Darts and Letters

    Hi Thomas. I’ve enjoyed slowly perusing the collection of photography you’ve shared on your site. And also, I have the utmost, highest respect and admiration for the personal stories you’ve shared with the wider world, of your journey through life, so far.

    Ten acres in Vermont. How wonderful!


    P.S. I really like Amelia‘s baseball articles 🙂

    • Thomas Slatin

      Greetings, Jason! Thank you for your lovely comment! I really appreciate the fact that you have taken such interest in my life and my experiences. My wife and I own a retired dairy farm here in Vermont. Whenever people ask us what we grow at our farm, we tell them that we grow scenery. I spent an entire season leveling the fields and planting grass seed with our tractor. Also, I’ve let my wife, Amelia know that you enjoy her baseball articles. Thanks again for stopping by and leaving a comment.

      Thomas (She/Her)

      • Darts and Letters

        It will be interesting to see any/if any pictures you capture of the countryside/your “farm” as the season changes and we head into winter! How long have you lived in Vermont, now? I haven’t been following your blog very long so I’m still only very slowly piecing a timeline together, in my head. Thanks for the note back, Thomas.
        Jason (He/Him)

        • Thomas Slatin

          Thomas Slatin & Amelia Desertsong

          Hello again, Jason! I purchased the house here in Vermont in September 2020. Amelia and I moved in together the day of the closing, and we eventually married here on the property in May 2021. The first thing we did was to write our names on the wall with a blue marker. For whatever reason, I’ve written my name on the wall of every house I’ve lived in since I was a small child. It’s just something I’ve always done, and I can’t explain why.

          I have a lot of pictures taken here at the farm under the home tag. I have lived a very interesting and eventful life.

          Perhaps I should update my About Page???

          Thomas 🙂

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