August 2016

22 thoughts on “Iceberg Slide

  1. The picture looks sharp and bright, I like this! Especially the blue color that looks alive and dominates even though it is not the dominant color in this picture.

  2. This looks like a film site, the feature looks like crafted work for a specific scene. Lovely concept Thomas

  3. Looks like an emergency shelter for an immediate purpose. Lovely bright colours used. It looks like a prototype of a structure.

  4. I would never pass up a chance to go down a slide, even as small as this one. With a little work, this can still be salvaged and maybe given new life in a playground somewhere.

  5. Wow, that looks fun!! I wonder how much weight this slide can carry. Definitely want to go down head first and get the juices flowing.

  6. It is an icy roof sure but a slide NO!!! It is too small and besides based on the area of the photo snow is not around. That said, I do not know what I am suppose to see here.

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