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Makayla’s Wedding Dress In The Water Photoshoot

October 2020
Makayla Martinez
Middletown Springs, Vermont

24 responses to “Makayla’s Wedding Dress In The Water Photoshoot”

  1. Good to see that she is no kid although in the previous shot I saw a kid on a tree? Anyway very good shot although the wet dress aint working for me. Look imagine your big day marching to church dripping wet? It will be unforgettable sure but for the wrong reasons.

  2. I like the sight of this, it really looks pleasing though in a weird way. You capture it well

  3. Good models are find to find these days but this is okay by me Tom. You are doing a pleasing jobs with your photography skills.

  4. Wow, the picture with the girl in the watter is a piece of art, it kinda makes me think of Ofelia, the painting made by Jhon Everett. You are very talened Tom

  5. Makayla is definitely a beauty especially with her wedding gown in the water. It is like a pre nup shoot situated in waters. Wearing a wedding dress is everyone’s dream.

  6. Be it an inanimate object or a person, your photos are always wonderful. You are my favorite photographer.

  7. These wedding photos are very pretty and something new to me because I didn’t know you could take photos of the wedding dress in the creek.

  8. Interesting imagery paring up a woman in her wedding dress with a pond. She looks very contemplative and at peace. It kind of makes me think of mother nature and all her wonders. Cool pic.

  9. That photoshoot is truly magical. It reminds me of those old paintings about Arthurian legends. You really did a great job.

  10. I love this Tom, such a beauty to behold. The water part looks too lovely and cool. Thanks for sharing

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