If you invented a device that could fix one problem you are facing right now, would you use it? What problem would you like to solve?

23 thoughts on “If you invented a device that could fix one problem you are facing right now, would you use it? What problem would you like to solve?

  1. I would have loved to fix my present financial status to be the richest and most healthy fellow on earth. And I will definitely continue the usage of it.

  2. I invented a device that could fix any problem that I am facing right now, I would definitely use it. I would use the device to permanently fix my leaking roof.

  3. I will want to invent a machine that can stop people from committing crime. That is anytime they want to commit crime the machine will arrest them.

  4. The Elysium Medical bay for sure that would really benefit a lot of people health wise. Besides imagine this it can reduce if not eliminate birth defects so yes. I will really use this.

  5. I definitely would use it. I think I would invent a machine that could relax me in the tensest situations and help me be focused to make good decisions.

  6. I would invent a device that I could help me go hard this Halloween, instead of being cooped up inside cause of Covid. I would also get a magical email list with big name film/TV executives, so I could network my ideas.

  7. I would probably invent a device that could allow me to go to anywhere around the world without the use of physical documents such as visas and whatnot and without the use of airplanes or any mode of transport. A teleportation device, if you will. Just to visit those places, of course, and then return right away. I’m feeling a bit of the wanderlust right now.

  8. I really would like to invent something that can dispense happiness and contentment. Many people are suffering from depression. I will let those people use my device for free.

  9. One device I will like to invent is the device to detect back government and automatically remove them from power. That’s a big issue in the world and masses are suffering from it.

  10. With this device, I would like to teleport to the country that I want, because I had many hopes of leaving the country before the pandemic began and this has caused me a lot of sadness.

  11. Should I ever have such a device, I would use it to bring world peace. That is just but a dream though.

  12. If I invented such a device I would be very careful as to who can access it. Not everyone is well intentioned.

  13. This is a very interesting writing prompt. I like to help people so I would prioritize other people’s problems first.

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