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I’m Waking Up

I'm Waking Up

May 2019


16 responses to “I’m Waking Up”

  1. Where is the bed? When I was a kid sleeping on the floor is okay. For one it can feel cool in my back but as I grew older no. It is dirty. May as well use a sleeping mat.

  2. Oh I love the window! The pillow on the floor really is me. I love lying on the floor, open the window and have an afternoon nap.

  3. Outside this looks cool but sleeping with no bed might not be an option as the floor sometimes gives me backache after waking up

  4. They say a hard floor is actually good for your back when sleeping. I’d throw a blanket there though just for a little nourishment.

  5. The right caption for this. I like the color and the way the photo is shot. I just love it that way.

  6. Looks like a really comfy place to sleep. I just need a sleeping mat, another pillow, and maybe a mosquito net and I’m good to go.

  7. Looks like someone literally sleeps on the floor here. This pillow is someone’s bed.

  8. That window is strategically placed. If you were to wake up with the bright light coming through the window and the green view just nest to you.

  9. The room is so clean and organized. That pillow all alone looks somehow curious as to why it’s there and actually who left it there.

  10. I love the window..great wall colour..I love this picture.. I wish I could stay in that room

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