In The Misty Morning Fog

April 2019


16 thoughts on “In The Misty Morning Fog

  1. Wow! What a great shot for that tree. There is something about trees that I love. Maybe because they bring life, and this photo just captured that.

  2. The next image which I immediately saved for my desktop display on this site. I like the look of this image, it looks clean without any interference from other objects that disturb my view.

  3. This picture is so amazing. It’s amazing how it gives life to the tree. Beautifully amazing

  4. I so like a weather this mild. it weather has a way of making me be very sober. It a perfect weather me though.

  5. Even though the tree is aged and surrounded by fog, it still projects a sense of hope, purpose and understanding. The clear atmosphere and vibrant colours really add to this photo and its mystical feel. Thanks for sharing.

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