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Is It For Me?

Is It For Me

August 2019

15 responses to “Is It For Me?”

  1. What am I even looking for he he? Anyway this looks like an abandoned building. Pickers will be happy to search the place.

  2. This house looks rough and unkept. Its likely to be an abandoned building due to crises or the likes. Because nobody will just feel like staying away from such cool house. Am pretty sure that the house is not for me. Thanks TOM for this post.

  3. Oh wow, what a mess. I’m not sure what was this room but it sure is satured of old and deteriorated stuff.

  4. I wish it was some treasure from this caption, it will have been a good one for anybody but as it is, I believe its a No No now

  5. This is a mess of a place and need some coran up. Certainly it doesn’t really belong to humans I believe.

  6. Quite a rather chaotic place, definitely something for me if only for the fact my room is also just as chaotic. Kidding aside, this is quite the dramatic shot.

  7. I’ve noticed your use of light and shadowing has gotten much better. It’s a really clever caption because while the room is very cluttered it also has a silent grace from the outdoor windows.

  8. A lot of people post images of broken down buildings, rooms of junk. But this one is different, it has a depth from the colours, the arrangement of the items, a sense of time flowing, and a sense of composition. Bravo!

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