Is there anything you, ‘just know’ and have no explainable or rational way to explain how you know it?

22 thoughts on “Is there anything you, ‘just know’ and have no explainable or rational way to explain how you know it?

  1. Yeah Tom, I play the piano well and good here. I always wonder how this could be without anyone’s assistance.

  2. No, I can’t think of one. I’ve heard people describe it as someone as having a ‘natural talent’ or as being ‘born gifted’.

  3. What a tricky question ha ha. I guess LOVE qualifies for this. For one when the love bug bites you then you just feel it. No explanation required. It just transcends it.

  4. I am really not sure how to answer this. I will try to ask this question to my friends too..hahaha.. I guess I am a technomaniac, I can easily learn things that is connected with technology.

  5. Well, it seems I know this answer but I don’t know how to answer it. Give me more time to answer this question.

  6. Oh yes, it happens to me very frecuently, sometimes I can’t find the right words to explain how i know what i know.

  7. Well, just like the good book stated, there are things humans aren’t preview to and has such we are limited in knowledge. So yes I wouldn’t know everything.

  8. I’ve had instances wherein I just knew things, especially about people. People I don’t especially like, for instance, I have this unusual dislike of them, and then they end up being people who are easily the worst type of people. I don’t know how I do it, as I know myself to be such a gullible and naive type of person.

  9. Yeah. I’m a very creative person. Sometimes I do somethings and just wonder how I came to know them.

  10. This happens to me a lot when something bad is about to happen. Sometimes it makes me think I am psychic.

  11. I think when this happens, it’s our brain’s way of helping with self preservation. Many times our gut feeling is never wrong.

  12. I am a huge proponent of logic and rationale. That said, I have to admit this has happened to me before.

  13. I can’t think of any right now. But I got a friend who can make foreign delicacies without any prior training.

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