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It’s The Time That I Spend Alone

It's The Time That I Spend Alone

April 2020

26 responses to “It’s The Time That I Spend Alone”

  1. I agree that time spent alone gazing at nature can be the most tranquil. It’s a very reflective time. Thanks for this meaningful piece.

  2. This photograph brings me closer to heaven because, from the way it was taken, the sky looks so close to the ground.

  3. It is a nice place to stay and watch the sky. I love staying among trees and outside.

  4. I will definitely have time alone in this peaceful place. I would lay down on the grass and watched the beautiful blue sky.

  5. Being alone with the nature surely is a very relaxing moment. The picture itself looks calm.

  6. Sometimes, to find the peace we are looking for, we just have to spend time with our own selves. There’s nothing wrong to be alone. It’s an opportunity to discovery things you can do alone.

  7. This reminds me of a small field we used to play soccer on when growing up. Oh how time flies.

  8. Your landscape and nature shots are always the best. i look forward to more of the same. Wonderful work Thomas!

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