• Danielle M

    That´s a beautiful picture of a scale train. I love what you did with the picture and the way how it looks nostalgic.

  • esgyll

    That’s the tragedy of feeling lost. You don’t even know the depth of that loss that suddenly makes you lose all enjoyment in life.

  • Alex

    For something about rain all I can see is a train ha ha. A metaphor if I ever see one. in a serious note each of us are worry about something. In your case it maybe the rain to me it is the bugs. This is only normal.

  • conrad pranze villas

    I can still clearly remember the trains that were used to carry sugarcanes in my province. I have great respect to those people that had been part of the great train industry.

  • Wilson Jake

    Thunder storms, sounds made while rain coming is only the frightening moment for me. The real rain is lovely and sweet to me. I bath in it

  • Cyranny

    Wow Tom… Thank you for bringing this to my attention! I very much enjoyed listening to this piece. I love the mix of nostalgia with touches of hope. Very well done! I am kind of jealous 😉

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