• Grace K

    It’s interesting that the house is alreday very light but still has a bright light. The photo matches the description very well.

  • Janet

    Lovely photo. It looks like one of those scientific labs where they test light and bulb stuff. So bright.

  • esgyll

    A clean and fluid shot. I love how you framed everything in just one shot of perfect clarity enough to make the lighthouse light itself pop out. It’s hard to do that even with still models.

  • Rae

    This is my first time seeing a lighthouse light. I’ve always thought they were huge and all that. Looks like I might be thinking too much. By the way, nice shot!

  • jolly555

    I always like the ray of light,the way it illuminate a place is worth having. Absolutely nice photo.

  • Danielle M

    This picture is impressive, I never saw something like this before, it looks like a bulb light watched through a microscope

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