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Like A Boy Without A Dream

Like A Boy Without A Dream

June 2019

11 responses to “Like A Boy Without A Dream”

  1. What a broken house just like a broken dream. It can’t have any valuable use still mended. Sharp photo still.

  2. I can liken this broken house to a person whose dreams and aspirations are shattered.. Life is not always fair though

  3. Looks like some kind of unfinished house project. Maybe the boy who dreamt of building this really did abandon his dream somehow.

  4. I think I kind of get why you captioned this a boy without a dream. Well a man without a dream is easily distracted and have no focus in life. Just like this structure, there is no focus on what it would be.

  5. The structure is like an abandoned project or a project that was built without an initial plan

  6. I wonder what this house was used for. Because definitely, no one could be living here in the middle of the forest.

  7. Looks like a secret clubhouse. I feel like the fact that it’s caving in, it’s stripping the boy of his dream.

  8. Yes, this might have been a dream house but no more because it’s caving in. I like the angle of capture though.

  9. This is a perfect comparison. Boys without dreams can be quite naughty and unattractive. The same mess the house is in.

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