Live Fearlessly, Love Unapologetically

Life, I’ve come to understand, is for living. I must pursue those sparks that set my soul alight. I must engage in activities that elicit joy within me. I have to choose to be around those who ground me, those who respect me, who embrace me in a manner that reassures me of my worth, my acceptance, my love. Healing myself is a task I have to take on, even when it stings, particularly when it stings, so as not to approach my existence within the confines of my internal burdens. I must venture out into the world, undeterred by the perceptions of others. I cannot rob myself of experiences, of happiness, of inspiration, simply out of fear of how I might be seen. My existence here must be unapologetic. I have to believe that my ideas, my hopes, and my very being, deserve to inhabit space. I have to trust that I am here with a purpose. I must choose to live fearlessly, love unapologetically, and truly appreciate all that life has to offer. Because, as difficult as it is to comprehend, our time here is limited. And, as much as I grapple to connect with that reality, I remind myself occasionally in the most human way possible—we are all living on borrowed time.

May 11, 2023


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