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Long Time Passing

May 2018

15 responses to “Long Time Passing”

  1. Somehow it reminds me of that abandoned house in The Blair Witch Project. Quite a gloomy atmosphere even in the middle of a well lit patch of woods.

  2. What with so many abandoned buildings, I wondered why there are even abandoned. You shot this well as usual.

  3. You have a way of shooting abandoned houses, there still look neat nevertheless. This must have been a good structure before now.

  4. I love bricks houses for there structure is always unique. The house looks abandoned, but am not really sure ooo. Its really long time passing. Thanks for this brilliant and colorful photoshoot.

  5. It really shows considering how abandoned and old this is. If it still can be used then restore it. If not then take it down. Better safe than sorry.

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