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Mr. Toad

Mr. Toad

September 2015

15 responses to “Mr. Toad”

  1. The toad took a posture as if it knew it was being taken a photo. Though not a fun of toads, but you captured it so well.

  2. A toad photo well captured in this photo. It like the toad was just waiting for this shot, well positioned.

  3. I hate toads with a Passion. I I find them slimy and unsanitary. Sorry but I may have to give this a thumbs down.

  4. This toad looks alien like to me, maybe because it’s at night. It’s great how close up this shot is.

  5. Mr toad was captured at the right moment. A great photographer knows when to take the shot that will bring out the beauty of the photograph.

  6. You must be an exceptional photographer indeed. How on earth did you spot this toad at night?

    • Lots of people tell me that I’m an exceptional photographer. I guess that I just have a good eye for the little details.

  7. I have a great phobia for toads and frogs. I’d run away so fast if I ever met this toad at night.

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