Name one thing you always wanted to do, but haven’t. What has prevented you from doing it?

13 thoughts on “Name one thing you always wanted to do, but haven’t. What has prevented you from doing it?

  1. Since childhood, I have dreamt of serving the country’s army. But, when the time passed due to family reasons and security I have to leave it.

  2. Live to the fullest??? what stops me is my special but I guess not rally stop in a way but more of it becoming a factor. I may not be normal but I can live normally.

  3. Teaching in the inland or somewhere really far from the city. As part of sandwich generation, kinda hard to living my live the way I want it.

  4. I want to become a Farmer since my childhood but when i had grown old i started studying and my dream was left behind.

  5. I always wanted to learn how to play hockey, but felt I missed that train as a child. I was embarrassed to try and learn it when most of my friends are at such an elite level now.

  6. I always wanted to travel to Japan but I didn´t do it because it was very expensive and I didn’t found a friend to travel with to share the expenses.

  7. Create my own business. My financial background is not so good at the moment which is why I can’t do it at the moment. If I do get stable finances, I might just do it.

  8. I want to have my own Blog Website. But I don’t know where and how to start. I think it’s a big thing to do and I can’t do it all by myself.

  9. I think it should be about getting my masters. I have wanted this like 2 years back but facing financial constraints. It 8s well

  10. That one thing that I ever wanted to do was have kids before clocking 30 but it seems it would be impossible now because of my health challenge but we move.

  11. I have always wanted to travel out of my comfort zone, maybe to Australia or US. Just finace has been an hindrance.

  12. I have wanted to and still want to go for my masters and be a chartered secretary also. Getting Funds has been an issue but I am not letting that deter me, just a matter of time and I wI’ll achieve this.

  13. I always wanted to be a gymnast since I was a child I dreamed of it, but I could not carry it out due to the fear of fractures, in fact, it is a sport of great discipline and concentration.

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