• AMAN

    I although don’t remember recently about anything. But, in the past I have found some old coins on the street.

  • Alex

    Depends on what you mean> Me I found a purpose I guess if that counts? Where? by going through life everyday I suppose. Material? not really as I can easily find those.

  • gaurav

    i have discovered some thing very interesting that I am a nice writer also and i have found that inside me.

  • Maury Cheskes

    I once was playing with my action figures as a child by the sand near lake Simcoe. I buried one of my Batman figurines and to my devastation, I couldn’t find it seconds later. Years passed and I found this Batman toy and couldn’t believe it.

  • Rae

    A book titled Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen. I found it on my dad’s pile of old books. The title itself was interesting so I’m thankful that I found it.

  • Chiz

    I found the love of my life! haha! It wasn’t expected and it brought me to a different life perspective. And I haven’t realized that, I found my love just nearby.

  • Jerry

    It should be a purse containing old money. I got it from my granny old cane box but it was never useful again

  • maria

    I can’t really recall any of these, but I have pointed to a doll that my little niece was looking for in a bit.

  • Wilson Jake

    I found that I could make money online paying nothing for subscription just during the COVID strong lock down. A friend open my eyes to see this.

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