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Norfolk Southern Hopper Cars

Norfolk Southern Hopper Cars

April 2019


14 responses to “Norfolk Southern Hopper Cars”

  1. I love the range of your photos and all the vast subject material. I could see it being a great adventure riding one of these hopper cars on a grand hitchhiking adventure.

  2. I’ve always wanted to know what it feels like riding that. Where did you find this? Amazing shot as always!

  3. I never ever ride a train. We have this one back in our hometown when there’s still a sugar factory and it carries a lot of sugarcane. I wonder how it feels to ride something like this.

  4. I have never heard of hopper cars before..I love this picture..its nice

  5. Where is that train going? Can I come along too? I would love to go on an adventure!

  6. I notice that you love train as a subject. I am always intrigued how it feels to ride in a train because I’ve never been in one.

  7. Where going the hopper? But it looks old and a bit overused. I’m sure I am right.

  8. Any thing you capture is a true work of art. I have nothing to say to this pic, the hopper cars and the sky speak its quality.

  9. Hoppers car this sounds new to me though but it sure look good. Good to know about this.

  10. It looks like an old train still giving its best, like the ones used for mining.

  11. Where is the train? It works as a wagon is it not? I have seen a lot of these on my area back then. This feels very nostalgic.

  12. In my country it is very seldom to see these old tracks and old cars. And they only travel to and from provinces.

  13. Looks like those trailers that are at road construction sites. This definitely could be carrying raw materials.

  14. This is a great photo to preserve history. This kind of trains are slowly being replaced by modern electric trains.

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