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Quick Meal


February 2016

29 responses to “Quick Meal”

  1. It is unfortunate to see this place where fast food was working at some point, nowadays it is completely abandoned.

  2. Is this place suppose to be a kitchen? I wonder what happend here that it was deserted and made to rot.

  3. No quick meal can be served here anytime soon. Abandoned due to whatsoever reason. Nice output Thomas

  4. This is no more a refrigerator. So therefore, no meal or quick meal can be served from this.

  5. so sad to see such place abandoned. i know many memories were passed down here especially those food servers that really loved their job.

  6. Quick meals save lives but this one here isn’t serving no body now. it more or less useless now.

  7. The whole was devasted probably caused by a natural disaster or someone ruined this. I would fix this place to serve quick meals again.

  8. It’s so sad to see this place destroyed. I wonder what it looks like in its glory days.

  9. Looks really discouraging, cant even serve here talkless have a meal. Must have been abandoned for a long time

  10. It can be so sweet to think about these quick meals because they can be so delicious and easy to make

  11. This is just memories of where used to be a place to make a quick meal. It’s current state is a mess.

  12. The place looks like the aftermath of a warzone. Everything is strewn all over the place.

  13. It’s quite hard to figure out that this was once someone’s kitchen for cooking. Time has really worked on it leaving it like a mess.

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