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August 2019

16 responses to “Schadenfreude”

  1. Is that an old measurement scale, I just like the color effect of the shot though. it really adds to the beauty of the shot.

  2. The place looks old and abandoned. This is really schadenfreude because of the pleasure derived from it. Your photography works are always outstanding among others. Thanks for this post.

  3. You are always bringing or shooting some well forgotten stuff, I can’t remember when last I saw that. Great shot.

  4. I do not understand the title. It seems German to me. That said, at least I get what a scale is. I hope it works despite of its old age.

  5. If that was an abandoned church, I wonder what they used the weighing scale for. Such subtle play of light and shadows though, like something straight from an old (atmosphere/timeline) movie.

  6. The picture looks very clear and the topic old and nostalgic. It makes me think of a french movie called Ameelie.

  7. I like the little details in this photo like the dirt and the cobwebs. Even though it’s a messy area, there’s still a lot of clarity in the shot and interesting imagery. Thanks for sharing.

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