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Seems Like It’s Been Forever Since You’ve Been Gone

November 2018

18 responses to “Seems Like It’s Been Forever Since You’ve Been Gone”

  1. An empty pantry, a messy counter. I feel bad seeing an abandoned house. It can still be usee by homeless.

  2. This building needs an extreme makeover..I guess its been abandoned for long..Good shot

  3. The caption says it all. This looks at abandoned place and very messy too. it really taking the owner forever to return.

  4. The building seems like it was left in a not so bad situation. Maybe the owner thought of ever returning later. Didn’t damage the place.

  5. It must have been so long since the person left. Even the cadboards have opend and others fell down. Long time indeed.

  6. Just by looking at the ceiling you can tell it’s been long. It seems the rain has fell over and over and then when the sun dries it, it start peeling out.

  7. Messy looking place but a bit artistic view. I wish more colors were added to give a better output.

  8. Empty shelves and looks like someone will miss breakfast. Actually it’s also kind of messy in there. Need good clean up.

  9. This pictures looks amazing. When i watxh pictures like this one, i wonder who lived there, and why did they leave.

  10. This house looks like it was abandoned centuries ago. It’s a decent house all the same.

  11. This kitchen looks like a post war site. I wonder what happened to leave it in such bad shape.

  12. For something that is abandoned this looks light and good. The atmosphere and the word color sells this. As suppose to being dark and creepy.

  13. This is what happens to a house when you abandoned it for a long period of time. I actually want to clean that house myself. I can’t stand dirty houses.

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