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Sheep In Field (Edit)

Sheep In Field

October 2007

24 responses to “Sheep In Field (Edit)”

  1. This sheep needs a clean shave, all this wool needs to be taken to the factory. The sheep really looks tired

  2. A sheep on a green grass. This is a very rare photo to see. You did right with this photo in particular

  3. A cute bundle of fur. I have not seen a sheep before so this is cool, The wool industry is big and expensive. Very good shot I guess.

  4. This picture shows a really well fed sheep with a so much wool on it’s body. It needs to be given a clean shave, the wool on that sheep’s body would make a baby size sweater I believe.

  5. This sheep on a green grass really looks fascinating. Lovely but a shave for this sheep will do a big deal

  6. This sheep looks very cute sitting on the green grass and the natural fur coat looks very nice on it

  7. The sheep needs a haircut right away. Hauling that much wool can be a pretty terrible experience for the sheep as it’s too heavy to be able to move around freely.

  8. What a beautiful sheep, this sheep must feel very warm with all that wool on its body.

  9. The sheep looks completely coated with wool. The sheep might be thinking that someone should save it off for wool.

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