When I was a child, my friends and I would ride our bicycles to the end of town and they would wait and gaze at an old mansion where the sidewalk ends. The old mansion, with its old architectural facets, almost as if it came from a time warp of a much earlier time. At the time, none of us knew who lived at the house, though there were rumored to have been an elderly couple living there.

One day curiosity got the best of us and my friends dared me to knock at the front door so that when the elderly couple answered, we would know for sure that the rumor were true. Several times I would walk up to the front door and knock, and although the door would always be unlocked, nobody ever came to answer.

This experience, like the majority of my childhood was focused on adventure and wonder, and of things unseen or simply ignored and overlooked by most.

In recent times I’ve been drawn to the locations which played pivotal roles in my development, and therefore remind me of my younger days. The draw to these places is magnetic, though obscure and unexplainable. Perhaps it is out of sheer curiosity, or perhaps I revisit just to see what has changed since childhood. The changes that occur often happen slowly, hardly noticeable, and from my perspective, nothing ever changes. Instead it is only me who has changed; I lived, I grew, I changed. I am a completely different person now than when I first visited this old house, now close to thirty years ago. Thoughts of my experiences from childhood dance on a stage of memories, as I thought of all the times my friends and I would visit this place, knock on the door, and eventually leave without an answer.

I still remember being a small child growing up in a great big world, especially the many times I sat alone in the school yard daydreaming and writing down plans for how my life would be. I always needed time on my own; time to reflect, time to write, and time to dream; these were the snapshots and memories, and days of my youth.

When I was a child, I spent the majority of my time focused on my future, whereas as an adult, I spend the majority of my time wondering just how I came to become the person that I am today. It seems that over the years, the one thing that remains constant is my quiet curiousity, my need for constant intellectual stimulation, and personal reflection, and my desire for new experiences and adventure.

The photography is that of The Eagles Nest.

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