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Someone To Listen To Stories I Tell

Someone To Listen To Stories I Tell

December 2019

11 responses to “Someone To Listen To Stories I Tell”

  1. What a beautiful black and white image that perfectly reflects its theme. The restaurant counter can be your best friend especially when sipping on your favourite beverage and conversing freely.

  2. There time in our lives that we just wish we had someone to talk with. Some people find solace in beers and clubs.

  3. What a reasonable and mind touching post. The wise will sure depict meanings from this post. Friends friends friends are no where to be found.

  4. The man looks like someone who needs someone to listen to him. Those days are far gone, when people sat down to listen to stories.

  5. I felt sad on this pic. I am thinking what about me when I gets old, is there someone I could still talk to?

  6. Having good friends to share is everyone’s dream. It is natural to find friends who are comfortable to share and want to listen to our story. But unfortunately, it’s not easy to find someone like this.

  7. This is what all thees gadgets have stolen from us. There is no time to sit down and listen to stories from our elders.

  8. It can draining when you have no one listening or paying attention to your need. I hope I will always have people around to keep me company.

  9. Such moments are rare but very unique. The bond you establish with people you share stories with are very strong.

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