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Standing Outside A Broken Phone Booth Broken Hearted


August 2016

21 responses to “Standing Outside A Broken Phone Booth Broken Hearted”

  1. This telephone booth has become history, has its own fond memories when I was still using it. Now, everyone has their own smartphone.

  2. Telephone booth has not been in used like in the ages because Technology has really make phones easy to get. Though phone booth still partially used in some country but not at an high rate. Lovely, calm picture you created here boss

  3. Looks like an empty refrigerator. Phone booth are archaic now adays. Phone can easily be afforded now. Beautiful caption and the effect makes it perfect

  4. Gone are the days of this booth of a thing. Technology has really make telecommunication world more smarter with smart gadgets. Nice photo work.

  5. Gone are the times of this stall of a thing. Innovation has truly made the media transmission world progressively more brilliant with keen contraptions. Decent photograph work.

  6. I like this caption. I wonder why phone booth’s somehow have a lonely connotation. It could be because of the Anchorman line, “I’m trapped in a box of emotion!” Or just because they can only fit one person. Very edgy shot with lots of raw emotion.

  7. This shot is a testament to how far humanity has come. From telephone booths to the modern smartphone.

  8. For a moment there I was expecting Superman lol. Seriously though each of us has experienced heartbreak at some point. If that happens a shoulder to cry on would be nice. In most cases though having someone there just to listen is good. May it be on a booth or not.

  9. Ah, the telephone booth of my childhood. I used to call my parents long distance in one of these, back when I was still in college. It just breaks my heart that people just send texts nowadays to tell others how much they miss or love them. For me, the sound of a phone ringing, and hearing the voice of a loved one calling in to tell just how he or she misses being around with them, asking how their days went, or simply calling just to say “I love you” to them, is still the best and most precious memory one could ever have.

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