Summer Solstice

The Sun and Earth share a tale as ancient as the whispering winds. The Sun, a regal maiden adorned in resplendent raiment of gold and amber. She, with a heart ablaze and boundless, gazes upon the Earth.

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With hands of golden rays, the Sun cradles the Earth in an embrace more tender than a thousand lullabies. Her caress graces the cheeks of the flowers, the brows of the ancient forests, and the crowns of the restless waves. Every morning she wakes, imbued with unconditional devotion, casting the rays of dawn to drape over her beloved Earth.

The Sun murmurs sweet ballads through the light she imparts. Fields of grain sway in gratitude; rose petals unfurl in joy; mountain peaks gleam, donning crowns of snow and dew. Her silent but omnipresent love sculpts the sand dunes, paints the auroras, and breathes life into the very air.

The Earth, a jewel swathed in azure, wears the colors the Sun lovingly gifts. The seasons are the moods of this love; the spring, a blossoming heart; the summer, an embrace warm and spirited; the autumn, a gentle kiss on the brow; and winter, a hush and a promise of warmth to return.

Yet, the Sun asks for nothing in return. Her love is as boundless as the skies, her spirit as giving as the rains. She remains, forever, a guardian, a giver, a painter of dreams upon the canvas of the Earth. There is pure selflessness in her love, merely the acceptance of her gift—the gift of light, of warmth, and of life.

As the days roll into nights, and the nights into days, her affection, an incandescent tide, ebbs and flows, but never wanes. The tale of the Sun and the Earth is etched into the very cosmos—a love, soft and fierce, the giver and the nurtured, woven through time and dreams.

June 21, 2023


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