The Sun Comes Up And Puts The Stars To Bed

I have been busy maintaining the property, fixing and maintaining the tractor, spending time with friends, and going to new and exciting places. This month, I went to a community BBQ here in town where perhaps 20 other people were meeting. Most of them were people who had lived in this area for many years; a handful of them had moved here a few years ago, though I was the newest person in town.

I am a bit of an anomaly; while everyone is different in some way, I consider myself to be different in every way. I was born intersex, have an extremely high intellect, and despite all the odds being stacked against me, somehow I too was able to not only survive, but in time, thrive. Life is all about making the right choices, and unfortunately these choices oftentimes have a very finite window of opportunity.

Ultimately, it was my undeniable gift of strength and perseverance that allowed me to be successful. My words speak of the pain, the slaughter of the meek, and the godlike technique that one day delivered me to where I am today. And now every morning, I wake up to another day, much like the one that came before it. The sun comes up and puts the stars to bed, bringing with it the promise that the days still left will be spent living life to the fullest, being creative, feeling free, and truly being in love.

August 23, 2022


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