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    I’m Writing [Another] Book

    I’ve decided to finally write a book about my life in 2023. It is now time to write a book about my intersex condition, my childhood, my career, my lesbian relationships, and all of the things I’ve been holding back my entire life. I realize that I’m 43, retired, married, and have nothing to lose by writing the words that I’ve needed to say for so long.

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    Dark Horse: How I Learned To Embrace My Unconventional Nickname

    When I was younger, my nickname was Dark Horse. For most of my life, I hated it. It didn’t reflect the person I wanted to be seen as, and it wasn’t even accurate—while we were growing up, I was anything but the dark horse. I recently had an epiphany about why my friends gave me that nickname in the first place: they saw things in me that others refused to acknowledge—my will, my inner strength, and my potential. A dark horse is someone who excels in an unexpected field. In the world of horse racing, a dark horse is any horse that’s not being considered a favorite to win the…

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    These Dreams

    We all have dreams and aspirations that we keep close to our hearts, but most of us change those dreams as we age and enter new phases in life. However, many people remain relatively unaware of the stark difference between their childhood dreams and the ones they currently hold dear. It’s important to review your dreams from time to time in order to adjust them accordingly and make sure you’re on track with accomplishing your goals in life. Here’s how my own dreams changed over the course of my lifetime. When I was a little girl, I would dream of how life might be. In my dreams, everything was just…

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    My Traumatic Childhood

    It has been a very busy time for me recently. I first went to visit my old summer camp; I went there from 1991-2000, and worked my way up from camper all the way to medical staff/bunk counselor. I have so many memories from camp. I have come to realize that camp is literally the only reason why I survived my traumatic childhood. Unfortunately, my father enrolled me at camp as a boy, which is why all of the letters that my counselors sent home to my parents used male pronouns. I brought back my childhood writing desk and a bunch of paperwork. My father had collected documents which chronicled…

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    A Typical Friday’s Child

    I was born on a Friday morning, and I recently returned to the house where I was born on a Friday, almost 30 years later, a typical Friday’s child. The house was a moment froze in time, as if nothing had changed since I walked out the front door at the tender age of 8. I still remember the dimly lit hallway leading upstairs, the flocked red wallpaper, and the salt and pepper carpeting. Nothing had changed in all these years I spent away, stepping out the front door at age 8 as a small child, raised on promises. I made my way through life, living, growing, and thriving, only…