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We all have dreams and aspirations that we keep close to our hearts, but most of us change those dreams as we age and enter new phases in life. However, many people remain relatively unaware of the stark difference between their childhood dreams and the ones they currently hold dear.

It’s important to review your dreams from time to time in order to adjust them accordingly and make sure you’re on track with accomplishing your goals in life. Here’s how my own dreams changed over the course of my lifetime.

When I was a little girl, I would dream of how life might be. In my dreams, everything was just the way I wanted it. But, there were never any challenges. My friends and family were nice, quiet, understanding, and cooperative. No one would dare tell me what to do or how to do it! Life was easy. School was an effortless breeze.

As a teenage girl, I would dream of how life could be. In my childhood, my dream was to marry the woman I was in love with, buy a big house, and have a successful career as a writer or photographer. I dreamed of adopting kids and having pets that loved me unconditionally.

Now, as a full grown woman, I dream about how life should be. I want to save our environment, find answers to lifelong questions, and make sure that those I care about have what they need. Unfortunately, there’s not always enough time in the day to pursue all of these at once.

This is all in stark contrast to my dreams when I was younger: catching rainbows, running around in fields of wildflowers with friends, playing music with my family on the porch until it got dark. The things that matter most now simply weren’t important or even thought of back then. Yet, as an adult, it is clear to me now that being able to share these moments with loved ones is what makes life worthwhile; these are, in fact, dreams for when we grow up.

This piece was inspired by a diary entry from July 9, 2014, which was previously mentioned in the post titled I’m A Dreamer. The header image used in this post is titled Iktsuarpok.

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