• Janine Bocateja

    Seems like this place needs to be transferred. I would to be still close to the beach or the river.

  • Wilson Jake

    Looks like the van entered into the building and got abandoned there. So many things surrounds this output. Carefully taken and real. Thanks for sharing

  • Oyeyipo Oladele

    August 2016, that’s a long time man. The truck must have been abandoned there for a good reason.

  • iamdahmmy

    That looks like a truck..more like a defunct truck outside a building..I may be wrong though but that’s how I understand it

  • Danielle M

    The truck seems to be alright, but due to the place where it’s, I’m not surprised if soon it get oxide and stop working.

  • Mark Janeo

    It would appear that the van went into the structure and got surrendered there. Such a significant number of things encompasses this yield.

  • Alex

    This is very relevant thanks to these times we have now. So many people are either at home or in the front lines. Sure you may say that you wanna be home but imagine being their for weeks if not months? Nobody wants to stop their lives but at this rate, we have no choice.

  • AlejaLotus

    I love the concept of the pic, it looks kind of post apocalyptic and at the same time it reflects a bit of a side of society. Abandoned places or objects taken by people who are outcasts or just not the ordinary middle class scenario.

  • Glad

    I don’t see the correlation with the truck and the building. It is not as if the building has a garage to park the truck. Moreover, the truck looks like something from a war movie.

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