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The Depot, Black And White Film Scan

The Depot, Black And White Film Scan


11 responses to “The Depot, Black And White Film Scan”

  1. The black and white edit added to the beauty of this depot. It looks an abandoned and empty depot though, it seem no business is going on with it.

  2. It looks like viewing the outside from a rather depressing place. It’s the power that black and white pictures have that are shot from certain angles.

  3. Can’t really view well, it’s like the color black dim the place and the visually isn’t really clear.

  4. I dont know, maybe it just me…..I love black and white films…. makes pictures have a natural look. I love this output

  5. Verynice shoot, it makes me think of someone standing on the window waiting for somethig exciting to happen, something that take him-her out of the routine.

  6. Okay! Great piece of artwork. It’s always good to get an insider’s view through a window. Thanks for sharing.

  7. I Guess this is the dark version of a previous photo??? Well for me it gives me a different perspective. in this case this looks like a vintage shot as suppose to earlier which was a bit eerie.

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