October 2017

The Eagles Nest

12 thoughts on “The Eagles Nest (Alternate Take)

  1. The house location looks very weird to me as it’s in a dense forest. And, the place looks somewhat frightening also to me.

  2. This looks really creepy, just seeing it makes me feel afraid. Weed has really taking occupants of this abandoned house.

  3. It looks like a hunted to be honest. This can be a set piece for Adams Family or something. This is creepy but I will take it. Perhaps that is the intention.

  4. Looks like something straight out of an opening scene of a horror movie. This really gave me an unsettling vibe.

  5. The retake is a lot brighter but can’t still seems to see the nest. Could it be my eyes or it is not just there.

  6. The nest isnt showing much but I can see it up there. Just thinking why this house is like this? If renovated, it will really be cool.

  7. The place looks beautiful and scary at the same time. the black and white resolution of the image makes it more scary.

  8. Scary looking place. I can see the best up there but it isn’t so clear. The edit makes the place very scary though

  9. This is a beautiful house, but it looks deserted and it is sitting all by itself in the woods. I don’t see the correlation between the Eagles nest and the house though.

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