March 2018

19 thoughts on “The Ghosts That Haunt Me

  1. Looks like the ghost are the dried trees that look like they are shooking the abandoned building. Nice distance shot.

  2. When I saw the tittle of this post, I was overwhelmed that I will se what a ghost looks like…. lovely output Toms

  3. It is morning plus it is a photo so it does not seem that way. However, if it is night and you are there in the property then it is creepy. I would not stand here at night alone. This scares me.

  4. There is no one that will find him or her self there that won’t be scared. You made the shot from the good position.

  5. A creepy looking platform, I so dread ghost stories and what concerns it. But you did well, letting us view this.

  6. All this picture needs is creepy music playing in the background. Those dead looking trees in the foreground also adds more to its haunting atmosphere.

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