March 2018

28 thoughts on “You Should Not Believe In Me

  1. Believe in what? I am not sure what am I suppose to see here or not to???Anyway, what even is that thing??? I have not seen that before.

  2. the caption is so not explaining the photo I’m seeing, but whatever it is the photo was well shot and sharp too.

  3. I still trying to rap my brain on this illustration. Shouldn’t we believe what’s always behind that shade? Lovely output Thomas

  4. The effect of the lightening casting a shadow of the folded material. Nice concept, no one can tell what’s behind a closed door

  5. What a mindful and meaningful photo for the mind. Nice and brilliantly taken shoot.

  6. Could the title be about the door, it seems it will soon carve in. With that it is highly not dependable.

  7. Always be cautious, sometimes the one you trust is the one who’s pulling you down. Like the lesson in this photo, though it would’t be understood without the caption, it’s perfect.

  8. Love the composition of the picture. The vignette adds a melancholic feeling to the photo.

  9. You really should not trust people 100%. You should learn to be cautious of close friends and even family. Anyone can take your kindness for granted, anyone can play you for a fool.

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