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The San Antonio Botanical Garden

December 2014
The San Antonio Botanical Garden

23 responses to “The San Antonio Botanical Garden”

  1. I always find places like these relaxing!!! However Botanical garden is a bit redundant is it not??? It just looks like a garden on a backyard. However that raw vibe might be good for it.

  2. I love going to gardens. It makes my mind feel peaceful and calm. That’s why I am building my own garden so that I can relax whenever I want to.

  3. Wow, this caught my fancy. I love the statue of the garden man tendering the garden. Lovely and colourful pictures

  4. This are cool and colorful photoshoots. This is good for photo albums. You are a professional photographer.

  5. Amazing, this spot looks tranquil. I need to go there sometime in the not so distant future.

  6. What a beauty of nature. It’s great, beautiful and relaxing. I have loved going to the garden from my very beginning, the smell there is do natural

  7. Oh my God! This garden is a wonderful work of art, so beautiful, i love it. The shots are quite lovely.

  8. It must have been quite the experience visiting the botanical garden. That’s a nice pass time.

  9. I have never been to a botanical garden before. From the looks of it I wouldn’t mind visiting one.

  10. I would give almost anything to visit this place. It looks like a lot of fun ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

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