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The Slatin Family: The Stamford, New York Years


From The Slatin Family archives: The Stamford, New York Years, in pictures (circa 1990’s).

21 responses to “The Slatin Family: The Stamford, New York Years”

  1. The house looks good. But, I am unable to recognize the man covering his entire face and also seems quite funny to me.

  2. The stroll down memory lane continues huh? It is very enjoyable though. A biography i you will. I am not fond of it but hey it shows how far you have come. Congrats Tom!!!!

  3. Lovely family photos, I’m sure this made you go down memory lane. I like visiting my family album all the time too.

  4. The man in guide looks like there are lit of rodent in the house to fight. Beautiful collection Thomas

  5. As they say, pictures really aare nostalgic. Be it the good, the bad or the ugly. Keep up the good job Thomas!

  6. Oh well, I like that you still keeping these photos for posterity. It will always remind you of your childhood and youth

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