The Small, Wooden Desk Nestled In The Corner

As a fledgling writer, I used to naively believe that putting words on paper was all it took to create a compelling story. Little did I know, that to truly become a master of my craft, I would need to develop an unquenchable thirst for delving into the emotions attached to those words.

In the beginning, I would sit at my desk, pouring out phrases and sentences, thinking I was creating magic. It was only after countless critiques and rejections that I realized my writing lacked depth and emotional resonance. I began to understand that the true power of storytelling lay in the ability to connect with readers on a profound emotional level.

I embarked on a journey of self-discovery, where I started to closely observe my own emotions and those of the people around me. I began to truly listen to the stories and experiences of others, seeking to understand their feelings, their pain, and their joy. As I delved into these emotional wells, I realized that I, too, had a wellspring of emotions hidden deep within me, just waiting to be explored and expressed.

Gradually, my writing transformed. My stories became more authentic and relatable, as I imbued them with the emotions I had been studying and experiencing. I found myself savoring the subtle nuances of every word and phrase, striving to evoke genuine emotions in my readers. My tales became more than just a series of events; they became a narrative of human experiences, woven together with the threads of emotion.

As I continued to hone my craft, I noticed a change not only in my writing but also in myself. I became more in tune with my own emotions and those of others, leading to a richer and more empathetic understanding of the world around me. This insatiable need to experience and express emotions became an integral part of my identity as a writer.

Now, I don’t simply place words upon a page; I breathe life into them, infusing every sentence with the depth of emotion I have come to know and cherish. As a masterful storyteller, I have learned to nourish my soul with the emotions that fuel my writing, and in turn, share that nourishment with my readers.

Every time I step into my study, a wave of nostalgia washes over me as my eyes fall upon the small, wooden desk nestled in the corner. It’s a simple piece of furniture, adorned with tiny dents and scratches, a testament to the passage of time. I’ve kept my childhood desk from when I was just a little girl to remind myself of where I started out as a writer and my playful beginnings.

As I sit down at this very desk, I can’t help but feel transported back to the days when I was a wide-eyed girl, brimming with curiosity and wonder. My fingers danced across the surface, scribbling endless stories about princesses, dragons, and far-off lands. I had no inhibitions or fears of judgment, just the pure joy of creation and the exhilarating freedom of my imagination.

Those days, the desk was my fortress, my safe haven where I could escape the world and let my creativity run wild. It was where I first tasted the addictive thrill of storytelling, the spark that ignited my passion for writing. Each drawer is a treasure trove of memories: dog-eared notebooks filled with my earliest tales, colorful crayons and pencils, and even a few scribbled notes from my parents, praising my efforts and encouraging me to continue exploring my newfound talent.

As I grew older and life’s responsibilities began to take hold, I never forgot the magic that this humble desk held for me. I kept it as a reminder of the unbridled joy of writing, the boundless creativity that can be found within each of us. It serves as a tangible link to my younger self, a way to stay connected to the innocent, wide-eyed dreamer who first embarked on this incredible journey.

In moments of doubt or frustration, when the words refuse to flow or the weight of criticism feels too heavy to bear, I return to my childhood desk. Sitting down, I close my eyes and let myself be enveloped by the memories of simpler times, of days when the possibilities seemed endless and the world was just waiting to be discovered through the tip of my pen.

The desk’s presence reminds me to never lose touch with the playful spirit that set me on this path, to cherish the magic of storytelling and the sheer delight of weaving worlds with words. It is my touchstone, a constant symbol of my beginnings and a source of strength as I continue to grow and evolve as a writer.

This photo was taken in the creative space that Amelia and I share. In the corner is my childhood writing desk, an old stop sign from where I grew up, and an old sword I found in the attic of the house my parents purchased when I was eight years old.

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