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The Storm Isn’t Anywhere Close To Calm


October 2015

17 responses to “The Storm Isn’t Anywhere Close To Calm”

  1. A lot of cool features in this shot. The colourful bushes, the rundown building, and the beautiful outdoor setting are all wonderfully captured. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Oh my, is this for real? The building is really dilapidated. Experiencing a storm isn’t something anyone would like to experience.

  3. You mean you took this picture during or immediately after the storm? That’s cool. Nice shoot and really dangerous

  4. The storm left this structure shackled. Nice shot though, always bringing out beauty from a negative pix

  5. Too bad that the place will fall down at the end, the beautiful landscape which surrounds it makes me think of Scotland.

  6. We always see this in our country since it is literally the storm capital of the world. About 20 per year!!! About the shot though it is a very bad omen. Just stay at home before the storm lands.

  7. This is a kind of storm I never want in my life, a storm that might resist calm. This kind of storm can be very dangerous.

  8. Never experienced a storm at my place, even though the building looked damaged. But I like this picture with the surrounding landscape, it looks good with clean, bright and sharp colors.

  9. The house was left as a wreck. Very unsafe to even stand near such a house,because it can collapse any moment.

  10. Totally damaged house, and it looks it’s already beyond repair. Times like this I am astounded at nature’s power to destroy. We are but a whim away from its full wrath.

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