• Miaka Yuuki

    It looks like a hotel room. An empty, abandoned and dusty hotel room. I wonder how it looks like in its glory days?

  • Loralei

    old houses have a big space for their hallways. I remember my grandmother’s old house before it was renovated. The hallway is big and we used to play games their away from the blazing sun in the yard.

  • meldred24

    I wonder what tragedy happened in this hallways. All those broken glass fragments on the floor. Seems like something terrible happened in this floor.

  • jolly555

    Is this an abandoned room,it looks like one but the good thing is that the room is clean and can be renovated in a bit.

  • esgyll

    A pretty sunny place for an abandoned hotel. The architect really knew how to make great use of the natural light.

  • Maury Cheskes

    I feel like a murder just took place here and the killer went a-wall. This setting just spells disaster.

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