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Third Floor Hallway

Third Floor Hallway

May 2019


11 responses to “Third Floor Hallway”

  1. It looks like a hotel room. An empty, abandoned and dusty hotel room. I wonder how it looks like in its glory days?

  2. old houses have a big space for their hallways. I remember my grandmother’s old house before it was renovated. The hallway is big and we used to play games their away from the blazing sun in the yard.

  3. I wonder what tragedy happened in this hallways. All those broken glass fragments on the floor. Seems like something terrible happened in this floor.

  4. Is this an abandoned room,it looks like one but the good thing is that the room is clean and can be renovated in a bit.

  5. A pretty sunny place for an abandoned hotel. The architect really knew how to make great use of the natural light.

  6. I feel like a murder just took place here and the killer went a-wall. This setting just spells disaster.

  7. The place looks solitary but I like the decorations on the walls. Too bad it got abandoned

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