• Aiden

    It’s sad to think that most people we know later in life end up being people who we used to know. Great quote!

  • Obalade Damilola

    One thing I know is that people we met in the past think about ua too..it may not be every time but we just flash through their mind at a point in time..it may be triggered by an event

  • brainedet

    I always think same too and I seem not to have the exact answer when I know sometimes I don’t remember them too.

  • Carol

    I do too. There are so many people I only met for a short period of time but sometimes I think about them as well. I hope they do too.

  • Benjie

    If that past is a not so distant past then probably you may come to mind once or twice. But if it was a very distant past then you only pop in their mind if you made an impact in their life.

  • Meldred Judith

    People in the past. There’s always a reason why they came on our life. They may be a blessing or a lesson that we will always remember.

  • Janet James

    I’ve always found that when I think about someone they are probably thinking about me too. So likely they thinking about you too.

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