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Thomas Slatin Quote

“The most wonderful people I have known in life are those who have forever occupied a sacred place in my heart, for they come with a love that is both flawless and eternal.” —Thomas Slatin

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  1. True friendships are those that leave a mark on our hearts and continue doing good things for other people, those people are difficult to forget.

  2. There are really some people that we meet in our lifetime that will always cherish forever. Nice picture of you!

  3. It is always those kinds of people who have stayed beside you through the most difficult situations in your life who really should have their own reserved sacred places in your heart. They’re the ones who really stay with you forever until your dying breath.

  4. This is why i always say that ones life is not entirely his own. Just as Thomas was touched by people around him one way or the other he does the same for others. In that sense our lives more than being ourselves it is also spent honing people around us.

  5. Same here with me, they are people that can’t be forgotten and occupy my heart forever. They are blessed.

  6. People come and go. But those persons that leave a mark on your heart will always stay. They might go away but they will forever stay in your heart.

  7. Genuine love is truelly flawless and eternal. When someone loves you genuinely they occupy a special place in your heart.

  8. For me, my family always occupies my heart. Love that is different from the love that you get everywhere.

  9. The things that stick in people’s hearts are those done with a lot of love. Love is free but very precious.

  10. Surely everyone has those people in their hearts, the most wonderful people. They will give their love sincerely and will never be forgotten.

  11. Life is a two way thing. We all pray to encounter the good side of it. Nice and brilliant quite Tom.

  12. This is a truly touching quote. We should always appreciate the people who played a part in making us what we are today.

  13. We all have that one person that we always hold sacred. Many thanks for the lovely quote Tom.

  14. I think I will make this my daily mantra. It’s one of those quotes that really resonates with me.

  15. It’s not everyday that I get to read such a lovely quote. That’s why I really appreciate you sharing it.

  16. I should tell this to everyone that I hold dear. Better to tell them when they are still here to hear it.

  17. Well you are right, the important people occupies a good place on our heart. Also there are people we hated coming our ways. God help us

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