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Where I Write

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Where-I-Write-Birds-Eye-ViewThis is where I write.

21 responses to “Where I Write”

  1. What a cool and good place to write. Inspiration will surely come from every angles of the room looking at the brilliant color selections in the room. I love the pictures.

  2. Your place looks very colorful and special, Tom. It’s always good to have a place like that lo help the creativty to come out.

  3. Oh my my, this alone is an inspiration. Colourful, beautiful and not too large a room.places like this are rear

  4. It is colorful I will give it that. looks like a dark room though but, it can be easily fixed. If this is my room I will replace that light with a brighter one. Not this red tint.

  5. Everything is very brightly lit with those tiny Christmas lights if I’m not mistaken? I imagine they really help a lot with getting the motivation to get you writing, and then some.

  6. This is a colourful place..I’m sure my muse will visit me if I write here..great pictures tom…I love where you write

  7. Your place looks exceptionally vivid and uncommon. It’s in every case great to have a spot like that to help the inventiveness to turn out.

  8. It’s nice to finally be able to see where all those great ideas are created. This is very much appreciated Tom.

  9. The room has a nice personal touch. It’s always nice to spruce up a room with things that reflect your character.

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