• Oyeyipo Oladele

    Like seriously Tom, I wished I knew where I am going right from childhood, I wouldn’t have gone the wrong paths I passed then. I know this can still be corrected as long I get to where I am destined to be.

  • AMAN

    I can point out one thing that I remember now. It’s the fact that I never have known about ways to earn online but in this lockdown period due to the pandemic gave me the chance to explore it.

  • gina

    I wished I knew adulthood is a scam, I would have enjoyed my childhood better. Adulthood is just stressful but I still get by.

  • Wilson Jake

    I wished I knew how to use the net very well and got the right information while I was still very young. Hearing what bitcoin is now really pissing me off, where was I in the earlier days of 2006/7

  • Alex

    I wish I could have invested or crypto currency earlier as it is big now he he. No matter I will just grind it out since crypto currency is blowing up now. Making money is hard huh???

  • Tess D.

    I wish I knew about digital marketing and created a youtube channel soon. Because when the global pandemic strikes, everyone goes online.

  • Prince

    If had knew this is how life will be after 20years of living, I would have taking a different perspective to live. Annex the power of the internet properly

  • Danielle M

    I’ve thought about that plenty of times in the last years. There are many things I wish I had new, things that would have changed the course of my life, however, I always come to the same conclusion, If I had new those things I would have taken different decisions ad I wouldn´t be the person I’m now.

  • Mariz Tina Mispenas

    I wished that If I’ve been serious in my studies before. I could have a better future or job than the one I have as of the moment. Even though I am still happy to whom I have been with. I am still blessed after all.

  • Rae

    I wish that I knew earlier that I need to separate my private life and my work life. It could have save me from having stress later in my life.

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