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Yeffe Kimball Photographic Slide Archive

12 responses to “Yeffe Kimball Photographic Slide Archive”

  1. Great work here of photograph by Yeffe Kimbal. It hard to notice that at first but when you look keenly you can see the details that went in and the effort put in it.

  2. Amazing work of art here. Its soo unique and well captured that you can’t stop looking at it. Amazing!

  3. Wonderful collection of photographs here. This must be one of the greatest artists around, as his work speaks for him.

  4. This gallery of photos is so splendid. All the photos seem to have some stories behind it. nice looking photos all of them.

  5. The collection of photos are amazing. Abstract art is really lovely. Wonderful works of art.

  6. This is like the wall of the weird!!! How did you acquire all these subjects? Is this earlier work? You sure have unique taste for sure. I guess these are abstract or the conventional view of beauty.

  7. Beautiful artwork. Great mix of colour and expression. Thanks for the regal photos.

  8. Great collections of photo. Just like what I really wanted to feed on this day. There are really good.

  9. I don’t know but I find some pictures very weird. The first picture is really disturbing.

  10. I have no idea what this are.. maybe those in the art world will understand the pictures..

  11. Those are very intriguing paintings. I love the bold use of color, those vigorous splashes on canvas. I have not heard of Yeffe Kimball before, but she seems to be a very intense artist.

    • I found a piece of her work in our gallery a few weeks ago. It had been listed as unknown artist and had been buried in the basement for years. I had been cleaning out and up some of the thousands of pieces stored there when I found it. You can now see it
      Like most of the pieces of her work I have seen, it is signed and dated on the verso and titled “Saturn (5)”. The date is 1963. A few years before she did this piece she was commissioned by NASA for a piece. Her work is now in the Smithsonian, National Gallery, MOMA among others. She was a very interesting character, was not Native American but did co-author a Native American Cook book. She was born in 1904,5 or 6 depending on what source you read. She was not born in 1914 as she claimed. You can see the piece in person at Metro Gallery in Lincoln Nebraska.

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