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October 2018

20 responses to “YIELD”

  1. But jokes apart now, I know you cant edit that sign. Is Yield part of the traffic sign? Nice concept

  2. This sign let other road users go first. This signs teach road users how to be patient. Allow someone else use the road before you. Lovely picture Tom

  3. Well Yield usually means a surrender in a bad way but at times true courage means knowing when to give up or in this case Yield. Even in real life Yielding for a good reason may lead to something much better.

  4. The caption to me doesn’t befit the photo or maybe I’m missing something but the shot is a perfect one.

  5. For some reason, this shot reminded me of those late 80s and early 90s sitcom/action TV shows. It’s probably the way the light seems to give off this glow those old shows have. Such really good memories of my childhood back then.

  6. Please I would like to know what a yield signpost is doing on the road side? what are does driving suppose to yield to? However I love the surrounding, it would make a nice picture.

  7. This almost looks like it’s out of a picture-book. Everything is perfectly positioned and the time of day is just right. Thanks for this colourful piece.

  8. What was the Yield signpost is about? A yield o the crops as I have seen in the pic or the name of that place? 😀

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