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Artisanal Post-Modern Slum

Artisanal Post-Modern Slum


23 responses to “Artisanal Post-Modern Slum”

  1. This image really is picture perfect. I love the contrast between the graffiti and the beautiful architecture. The daylight, silver car and person riding a bike really work well together harmoniously.

  2. The art looks like a free hand sketch, colourful and turned perfect. The area looks quite, looks like the pandemic hasn’t been eased there. Nice shot Thomas

  3. The building looks good, but the paintings on the walls make it look uncomfortable. Perhaps many free young people who live in this neighborhood.

  4. I can see the man in the background wearing a mask. This must have been taken during the pandemic.

  5. The building has that traditional old school look. Buildings this type tend to last for a very long time.

  6. I almost missed the man walking a dog with a mask. The coronavirus sure has affected the way we live!

  7. The tree adjacent to the building is almost as tall as the building itself. I can tell that tree is at least a few decades old given its size.

  8. The paintings looks like an old ghetto, but I thing is certain from this picture; it’s taking during this pandemic. I see the man walking his pet on a nose mask. Lovely concept

  9. The level of detail here is really nothing short of impressive. That’s a nice camera you have!

  10. Interestingly, this place looks much akin to where I live. I was delighted to see the resemblance.

  11. To be honest i would fancy living at a place like this. It is admittedly much better than my current residence hahaha

  12. Tthe graffiti in the building is nice. Although it vandalizes the building but for me it’s a great work of art.

  13. If this is a slum then I like it, It is clean and orderly. I think this is far from a conventional slum but who says it cannot be modernized? I am all for it. Less clutter less trouble.

  14. This is quite a very unusual slum area. It’s quite organized and clean, and even the graffiti seems to be like that too.

  15. If not for the graffiti on the wall, one would not call this place a slum. It is quite a neat neighbourhood I must say.

  16. Good job on this photoshoot. The effects, the buildings and the graffiti on walls. Such a good day!

  17. The architectural design looks great. The graffiti does not fit though. too bad.

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