• Maury Cheskes

    This image really is picture perfect. I love the contrast between the graffiti and the beautiful architecture. The daylight, silver car and person riding a bike really work well together harmoniously.

  • Wilson Jake

    The art looks like a free hand sketch, colourful and turned perfect. The area looks quite, looks like the pandemic hasn’t been eased there. Nice shot Thomas

  • David Tjoe

    The building looks good, but the paintings on the walls make it look uncomfortable. Perhaps many free young people who live in this neighborhood.

  • Oliver

    The building has that traditional old school look. Buildings this type tend to last for a very long time.

  • Teddy

    The tree adjacent to the building is almost as tall as the building itself. I can tell that tree is at least a few decades old given its size.

  • Prince

    The paintings looks like an old ghetto, but I thing is certain from this picture; it’s taking during this pandemic. I see the man walking his pet on a nose mask. Lovely concept

  • Sylvia

    To be honest i would fancy living at a place like this. It is admittedly much better than my current residence hahaha

  • Meldred Judith

    Tthe graffiti in the building is nice. Although it vandalizes the building but for me it’s a great work of art.

  • Alex

    If this is a slum then I like it, It is clean and orderly. I think this is far from a conventional slum but who says it cannot be modernized? I am all for it. Less clutter less trouble.

  • esgyll

    This is quite a very unusual slum area. It’s quite organized and clean, and even the graffiti seems to be like that too.

  • Glad

    If not for the graffiti on the wall, one would not call this place a slum. It is quite a neat neighbourhood I must say.

  • Janine Bocateja

    Good job on this photoshoot. The effects, the buildings and the graffiti on walls. Such a good day!

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