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Bridge Over Troubled Water (Alternate Take)

Bridge Over Troubled Water (Alternate Take)

April 2019

Bridge Over Troubled Water


12 responses to “Bridge Over Troubled Water (Alternate Take)”

  1. This bridge looks so familiar but I don’t think I have seen it really because of the age. you capture this one well.

  2. That’s a really regal bridge. The colours are beautiful. I’m surprised it’s still in good form after so many decades.

  3. Just curious where is the original shot? This does not look like a bridge but then again this is the alternate. The original might be different.

  4. I think the original one is better. It only shows a half of the structure. It think it’s better if the background is also included along with the entire structure.

  5. We cant really see the water your referring too or anything under the bridge really. But the bridge itself looks ancient i bet it carries a lot of memories.

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